Kellie paints with a strong use of colour and composition; each painting is a labour of work with careful detail and precision, using multiple layers of paint and glaze.

The artists follows the same process for each painting and usually paints one work at a time. She will generally determine a concept for the work first - and takes inspiration from her personal experiences, podcasts, notes from philosophers, and interviews with psychologists and researchers. Once the idea for a concept is born, she will imagine the visual, photograph a reference image, and digitally manipulate the image to create an aesthetic which will be the reference for the final work.

Kellie’s canvases are hand-stretched, and she starts the painting process with a flat layer of mid-grey to assist with tone. She builds hue, tone, and saturation with multiple layers of paint and glaze. Her work is precise and detailed, and she usually takes around three to four full weeks to complete the painting process.