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Teaching painting is one of my most favourite things to do

I first started to become really passionate (obsessed?) about art when I discovered over Instagram that painters could combine realism oil painting with contemporary design. Having dropped out of art school when I was 16 (after one week because they put me in jewellery making!), my skills in oil painting were limited to what I’d learnt at high school…. so my paintings were vastly different to what they are now.

I stumbled through many many hours of trial and error and made many mistakes that resulted in work that wasn’t what I dreamed of making. Relying on my experience alone, I found that my skills only improved at a slow pace, until I turned to other artists for help. I decided to dedicate time to improving my skills and learning from others; I spent months learning direct from other artists whose work I admired, and I focussed on becoming the best painter I could be, rather than producing a large quantity of work.

This was really when I saw a ginormous jump in my growth. Once I learned other artist’s techniques I was able to take bits and pieces that suited my working style, and with practice, personal research, and a few years more experience, I now have a very solid process which plays to my strengths and addresses my weaknesses, in the most efficient way.

Seeing my work evolve after learning from other artists made me want to offer this to others; there are lots of roadblocks that can get in the way of producing the work of your dreams and I want to help you smash them!

I LOVE talking about art and I LOVE coaching students even more, it’s my dream job and I get SUCH a rush from helping people build technique and achieve creative satisfaction. I want to help you build your confidence as well as your skill level!

How the classes are run

I’m very flexible and I tailor every class to you, it doesn’t matter what your skill level is - beginner to advanced levels are welcome! I usually spend the first class talking through my process from start to finish, I share everything, all my tips and tricks, and you can ask whatever questions you like. Next we explore particular skills you’d like to build, such as blending, colour mixing, painting hair, detail, brushwork etc. We can either step through each skill on a scrap canvas, or I can help you build these skills while you complete your own painting. I can step in part-way through a half finished painting, or I can coach you through a painting start to finish (this is my fave!).

I’ll send you a materials list and we’ll run the classes over Skype. This is an awesome way to teach because you can be anywhere in the world and you don’t need to move your paints or canvas anywhere.

What students are telling me

“Thank you for all of the incredible insight and critique that you have helped me with. You do have such a good eye, and are absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you thank you thank you!!!” - Lynn

“Your wealth of knowledge and constant encouragement is invaluable and your passion for art is infectious.” - Sinead

“Thanks Kellie for helping me markedly improve my oil painting techniques! The structure of your classes was so well thought out and became my favourite part of the day.” - Hayley

“Our sessions are so incredibly helpful, and your encouragement and insight are hugely invaluable to my growth.” - Lynn

How to get started

Just send me an email at or message me over Instagram and we can have a chat.

Private Skype Lesson - 1 Hour
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